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Demolished Man (Sf Masterworks 14)

The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester One of the things I love about golden age sci-fi (well, I guess "love" is not the right word) is that, no matter how imaginative or prescient the envisioning of the future may be, somehow no science fiction author ever thought that the roll of women might change. Mind powers that predict the future and alter reality? Sure. Computer terminals that connect you to a mass of information? Right on. A woman might be something other than a secretary or wife? Say what? Impossible!

Any way, Demolished Man is good. Like the best of Philip K. Dick, it's a grab bag of sci-fi ideas--and this time it's delivered in a sort of police-procedural packaging. There's a very bizarre ending, and unlike Dick--who's at his best when he leaves you the most perplexed--Bester adds a wrap-up chapter that explains everything that happened.