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American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1953-56 (Library of America #227)
Gary K. Wolfe, Frederik Pohl, C.M. Kornbluth, Theodore Sturgeon, Leigh Brackett, Richard Matheson

William Faulkner: Novels, 1957-1962: The Town / The Mansion / The Reivers (Library of America)

Novels, 1957-1962 - William Faulkner, Noel Polk The last three novels of Faulkner in one volume. For the most there's no Faulknerian modernism, instead just great characters and stories. Although, in chronicling folks like Flem Snopes, he -- Faulkner-- does love to layer on the parenthetical statements. Great humor runs throughout, too. The Reivers, especially, is just funny. It's a romp of crazy characters and wacky situations. "Eleven years old and already knife-cut in a whore house brawl." That about sums it up.